Jemele Hill is Garbage

I saw that this joker had written something about Pettitte and I knew it would be awful. So I commented on it on which will never be read, so maybe some of you guys will care enough to read it and agree with me hopefully. I only had 1500 letters. Here it is in quotes, and don’t forget to read her article so you know what I’m talking about.

“First, Jemele Hill is not a good writer, and it’s articles like this that make it that much more clear to me. I feel like I’m reading my old high school paper. Jemele, you know very little about sports, even less about being an athlete, and absolutely nothing about being a competitor. Pettitte has repeatedly shown himself to be a good guy and a great teammate.

And just a few notes about the whole P.R. cover-up theory. Any educated P.R. beginner (let alone expert) understands that his apology was shoddy P.R. at best. It was not savvy damage control, as you’ve alluded to, because angelic journalists like yourself who have never made a bad decision in your lifetime attack him for it in a public space, and keep soiling the guy’s good name for being one of the few who made an attempt to come forward.

Jemele, and journalists like her, would be just as critical if he had made a more acceptable apology, because when you have such limited knowledge on a subject, isn’t it always safer to just regurgitate 1500 words about what everyone else thinks? I thought Page 2 was supposed to offer fresh insight.

I guess we can blame him for not having his own radio show like the heroic Santangelo, who apologized to his family ON-AIR. Because that’s not P.R., right? Maybe if Pettitte had his own column, he would be able to tell us all what an atrocity it was, and get down on his knees so we without sin can properly crucify him. I would definitely read that.”


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