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March 25, 2012



March 25, 2012


Jemele Hill is Garbage

December 18, 2007

I saw that this joker had written something about Pettitte and I knew it would be awful. So I commented on it on which will never be read, so maybe some of you guys will care enough to read it and agree with me hopefully. I only had 1500 letters. Here it is in quotes, and don’t forget to read her article so you know what I’m talking about.

“First, Jemele Hill is not a good writer, and it’s articles like this that make it that much more clear to me. I feel like I’m reading my old high school paper. Jemele, you know very little about sports, even less about being an athlete, and absolutely nothing about being a competitor. Pettitte has repeatedly shown himself to be a good guy and a great teammate.

And just a few notes about the whole P.R. cover-up theory. Any educated P.R. beginner (let alone expert) understands that his apology was shoddy P.R. at best. It was not savvy damage control, as you’ve alluded to, because angelic journalists like yourself who have never made a bad decision in your lifetime attack him for it in a public space, and keep soiling the guy’s good name for being one of the few who made an attempt to come forward.

Jemele, and journalists like her, would be just as critical if he had made a more acceptable apology, because when you have such limited knowledge on a subject, isn’t it always safer to just regurgitate 1500 words about what everyone else thinks? I thought Page 2 was supposed to offer fresh insight.

I guess we can blame him for not having his own radio show like the heroic Santangelo, who apologized to his family ON-AIR. Because that’s not P.R., right? Maybe if Pettitte had his own column, he would be able to tell us all what an atrocity it was, and get down on his knees so we without sin can properly crucify him. I would definitely read that.”

“Red Sox in the lead for Johan”

November 29, 2007

If this guy has any idea what he’s talking about, and Johan goes to Boston, you can effectively crown the Sox World Series Champs 2008. If the Yankees lose Johan, they are not doomed. If they lose Johan to the Red Sox, they are doomed. The two best pitchers IN THE GAME on the same team is too much to overcome for any lineup, even the Yankees, especially when you’ve got so many inexperienced guys.

Moss… Garnett… Allen…

If New England arrogant ass gets Johan, too, I’ll cry. It’s not fair.

Who is the biggest waste of good health? Isiah Thomas, Stephon Marbury, or James Dolan?

November 21, 2007

Thank heavens, Isiah and Stephon kissed and made up. Now they can team up to form the worst Coach-Point Guard combo in basketball history. It’s pathetic that their girl scout beef has become the headline.

Did anyone notice that the Knicks are 2-8? Or that they haven’t won a playoff game since 2001? Or that Isiah Thomas has been the Knicks’ “President” since 2003, and coach since ’05, and the team’s only playoff appearance was that same year in which Isiah took over the job midseason, “turning” the Knicks around to limp into the playoffs with a 39-43 record, only to be slapped around J-Kidd style by the Nets in the first round.

I’m at a loss for the word harsh enough to describe how much of an idiot James Dolan is.  As bad as Isiah is, he’s the guy who signs off on all the decisions the Coach/President makes, including (but not limited to) the trade for Steve Francis, the signing of Jerome James, Jared Jefferies, Vin Baker and Larry Brown, the trade for Quentin Richardson, and the trade for Eddy Curry, which gift-wrapped two top ten draft picks (Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah).

Oh, and let me not forget to mention, the Knicks were sued 11.6 million dollars before the season for sexual harrassment by Isiah, who plead not guilty because according to him its wrong for white men to call black women names, but its A-OK if a black man does.  He didn’t even receive so much as a fine for it.  Now that’s hip-hop, yo.

Thomas, Marbury, and James Dolan. These guys are making a mockery of the game, the team, and New York City, the basketball center of the world. I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel until Marbury and Isiah’s blockheads are out of the way, and little Jimmy Dolan is sent home to play with his legos, and his father lets the city start making the decisions.  FIRE ISIAH, FIRE ISIAH!

Cheaters never prosper, unless you’re the Patriots.

November 5, 2007

Check out this link. Supposedly, the Colts PA crew was using a CD of crowd noise on the loudspeaker to amplify the sound levels while the Pats were on offense. In this clip, you can clearly hear the CD skip and the sound level drop dramatically after the CD is stopped.

A pathetically childish move by someone in the Colts organization. But before we jump to conclusions and before Skip Bayless strikes it down with spectacular posture, lets put this whole cheating thing in perspective.

Eric CrouchFirst, although the Beli-cheat thing is fun to use to get a rise out of raging, insecure Pats fans, it means about as much to the NFL as Eric Crouch. It was simply a matter of Belicheck’s love for antiestablishment. If it was such a deep, dark, super-secretive operation, the infamous camera man wouldn’t have been chillin’ on the sidelines decked out in Patriots gear, telling the cheerleaders he was the backup pooch-kicker. They just didn’t care.

And I’d venture to say that 90 to 95% of the league doesn’t give a damn about it, either. Commissioner Goodell didn’t even care about it. He cared much more about the negative press the NFL got because of Belicheck’s carelessness, which showed in the severity of the punishments; Belicheck received the maximum fine ($500,000), double what Goodell fined the Pats’ organization.

Belicheck doesn’t give a hoot about much of anything these days except patronizing his own loyal media and kicking everyone’s ass. So lets get over that whole deal.

Another thing. The fact that people are complaining about running up the score is sad. There’s a pretty simple way to resolve this. Stop them. And if you can’t stop them from scoring because their quarterback is cooler than Superman, then go after him. And if you can’t get to him because the o-line is tougher to crack than online banking, go after the receivers. And if you can’t catch the receivers because they’re gone faster than free pizza, then, well, complain about them running up the score. Complaining about that is the NFL equivalent of “taking my ball and going home.” Sore losers, if you know what I mean.

Back to the Colts garbage. Granted, it’s pretty silly. But can you honestly say that Dungy or anyone on the field had anything to do with it?

Lets picture it.

Tony Dungy, the most soft-spoken, humble coach in the game, plans a closed-door meeting after practice one day with the 23-year old radio intern named Billy who hands out Colts oven mitts before the game and works the CD player. Tony has an evil plan. As he rubs his hands together and smiles mischievously, he whispers, “Right after ‘Everybody Dance Now,’ by C & C Music Factory, cue this Crowd Noise CD that I made all by myself in between 6-hour video sessions.”


The Pats won last night, they were the better team. No harm. No foul. End of story.

We’ll see in a couple months if the outcome is any different when the Colts are completely healthy, the Pats are even better, and Peyton is throwing to Marvin Harrison in the red zone instead of Frying-Panthony Gonzalez.

Stay tuned for my unbiased take on how Osi and the Giants will whoop Romo and the Cowboys with little remorse.